Ultralight and Flexible Solar Panels


ENECOM SRL è capofila del progetto ENCOLOR – DESIGN

“ENECOM SRL è capofila del progetto ENCOLOR – DESIGN “ENergia rinnovabile da pannelli fotovoltaici COLORati architettonicamente integrati”, cofinanziato con fondi POR-CReO FESR 2014-2020 – Bandi per aiuti agli investimenti in ricerca, sviluppo e innovazione – RSI – Bando 2. ENCOLOR DESIGN ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo di […]


SUNFLOWER Project – Solar Tracker

Enecom, in partnership with the Turkish company Pars Makina, has designed a completely passive solar tracker, which imitates the natural behavior of some flowers: to follow the sun by adapting their stem. The solar chasers, by constantly placing the PV panels in the best position with respect […]



Military Robot BARIER System

In the 21st century, the fields of security and border surveillance need modern and cutting-edge solutions. The final response is provided by ATERMES by integrating vital activities, such as Reconnaissance, Identification, Evaluation and Response into a unique solution: the BARIER™ System. The BARIER™ System is an automated […]



Vector is the eco-friendly vehicle for the optimized urban transport, which benefited from the partnership between IVECO and Enecom. The Enecom panels weigh less than 5 kg/sqm and with a 1 kW electrical power they can charge the 24 volt battery of the vehicle.


Sintech Sun

Sintech Sun is the innovative modular PV system, created by Roof Planet in collaboration with Enecom, which allows a perfect integration of the PV element in the Sintech Sun 530 coverage, by totally eliminating the use of brackets and external fasteners, which are subject to wear and deterioration. […]


Riverclack Elios

Riverclack Elios replaces the traditional coverage of the roof building to become an integral part of the covering. It is water-proof and it ensures the consequent waterproofing of the building, as well as its mechanical tightness which is compatible with the one of any replaced building item. […]


Roofy Energy

The photovoltaic Roofy Energy tile perfectly integrates with the roof coverage by combining the building protection and waterproof function to the production of renewable energy. Roofy Energy ensures the same mechanical structure and waterproofing as the one of the replaced building element. Lightweight, high performance and glass-free […]



Phylla is an electric citycar which can be fuelled by Enecom panels. This electrical vehicle looks for the best energetic alternative to petrol and it can cover up to 220 km, of which 18 thanks to sun power. Phylla is built with fully recyclable materials, it is a zero-emissions […]


Iveco Glider

The new truck-concept Glider by IVECO is fitted with Enecom PV panels, which are able to provide up to 2kWh electricity, so as to supply the several users on the vehicle. IVECO Glider was presented at the Truck Show of Hannover in October 2010.  



After the installation of the Enecom panels on the Ecobus by IVECO premises in Lyon, the vehicle prototype reached the Enecom Headquarters in Turin, where the connections with the charge regulators and batteries were executed. Today the Ecobus protoype charges its backup batteries thanks to Enecom.

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