Enecom at the conference on Renewable Energy Sources

Next 12 January, Eng. Alessandro Patrizi is going to participate in the CESIFIN conference, Renewable Energy Sources: towards an integrated energy policy by the Palazzo Incontri of Florence.

The round table is going to be composed of pluridisciplinary characters who are going to discuss on the future of Green Energy: in 2014 the renewable field recorded a significant increase in world’s production capacity, +8% with respect to 2013 (source: greenreport.it) and according the International Energy Agency in the next 25 years 60% of the produced energy will come from renewable sources.

Urban shelter

Integrated Renewable Energy according to Enecom

CESIFIN is an institution whose aim is to examine all the legal, financial and economical matters from a mere analytical point of view, citing different exponents within the academic, institutional and business world.
Enecom, manufacturer of flexible solar panels and business unit of En-Eco group, designed applications for the implementation of renewable energy in different contexts, with a special focus on the urban one.

The application of PV systems to products and systems that are normally used in ordinary life makes us face a new development pattern. Enecom implemented a completely new and fully recyclable PV technology that allows to use small, ultra light and flexible PV modules which are suitable to be integrated into manifold situations.
Thanks to the collaboration with world leader companies, we generated environmentally friendly products, showing, among the other things, that the integration of solar energy in towns and in public urban contexts is possible.
A better future inevitably passes through the implementation of ecosustainable life systems and models. An endless net of objects, products and systems which are able to be off-grid energetically independent, without needing to be connected and ask for energy to electrical grids.

Eng. Alessandro Patrizi
Chief Operations Officer En-Eco SpA


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