Enecom PV panels on the solar electric car Archimede

On Wednesday 21 October, the Archimede Solar Car will be presented by the Autodromo di Pergusa (Enna).
The solar electric car is a prototype designed by the no-profit association Futuro Solare, which aims at the complete implementation of the project. The meeting will focus on the test on the road and on promoting the funds raising for the Archimede project.

Innovation and ambition are the words that summarize the activities performed by the promoters of Futuro Solare that all throughout the last 5 years have been focusing their efforts on a really challenging project: Archimede Solar Car is in fact the first prototype of electric car with PV drive. One of the main characteristics of the whole project is the use of “low cost” materials that are used for its manufacture.

Thanks to its projects and with a special focus on the school field, this association would like to encourage the use of renewable energy sources in support of sustainable mobility.

Enecom for Sustainable Mobility

The concept of Enecom Inside perfectly integrates with the projects and goals of Futuro Solare; the integration of made in Sicily solar panels was in fact the focus of other applications that allowed urban mobility in complete respect for environment.
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Enecom is glad to collaborate to the implementation of the Archimede Solar Car that will be covered, all over a surface of 6 sqm, by high-efficiency monocrystalline silicium cells that will distribute 1000 watt of power to the set of batteries, and thanks to that they will power the electric engine.

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