Solar panels for catamarans to the “Salon du Multicoque”

Enecom company will be, from 13th to 17th of April, to the Salon International de Multicoque (in La Grande Motte), the trade show that inspires catamarans lovers.

Solar Energy for catamaran[message type=”info”]You can find Enecom Sales Managers to our stand “T16”[/message]
In the nautical sector, the interest is increasing about catamarans and the most important builders are especially English, French and American. The international Multicoque trade show is at his 7th exposition and in the past editions has been a great success..

Here you are some more informations about international Multicoque trade show in 2015.





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Moor off-shore with Enecom solar panels

Today catamarans are the result of engineering studies and projects, and they are performant boats with design and comfort like their strong point.

However, catamaran’s dimensions could hinder skippers, sometimes their width involves a higher mooring cost than the others boats. Both for this reason, both for a personal choice, usually skippers prefer an off-shore mooring.

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Enecom solar panels are waterproof, their lightness reduces the difficulty to fix them, and their flexibility make them adaptable to different catamaran’s surfaces. Enecom has four kinds of solar panels: HS Standard, HF Pliable, HF Stripe, HF SunPower (news).

 Innovation research is able to join Enecom solar panels and catamaran’ s builders. Whilst multihull is beginning a real avant-garde in the nautical sector, Enecom company produces Solar panels increasingly efficient.

Thanks to Enecom solar panels any skipper can obtain, wherever he finds himself, the necessary solar energy to cover his own catamaran’s consumptions and so he can satisfy all his electric exigencies. .

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*Tregoo is the official e-Shop, it allows to buy instantly solar panels for your own catamaran.