Towards Sustainable Motorways: video-interview to Mr. Patrizi

Last 13 October the convention Dalle autostrade alle Neostrade organized by Ecofuturo, Giga and Ecquologia took place by the Museo Piaggio di Pontedera.

Sustainable Motorways

During the debate, the participants spoke about their innovative projects for the realization of sustainable motorways: routes integrated into the surrounding landscape that make use of systems and applications for the supply of energy from renewable sources , by so doing contributing to the reduction of environment pollution, to a progressive development of electric mobility and to a simultaneous non use of diesel by heavy lorries (such as TIR and buses).
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Thanks to some important collaborations, Enecom graziemanaged to achieve a forefront role for the implementation of projects integrating flexible solar panels into off-grid systems.
In the following interview, Mr. Alessandro Patrizi talks about Enecom projects that conceptually align to the passage from motorways to Neways.

Enecom Inside and the birth of Neways


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