Trigano chooses Enecom solar panels for its Campervans

Trigano CampervansEnecom signes a strategic partnership agreement with Trigano, european leader in design and production of recreational vehicles and caravans. It is an important goal for Enecom because a new Era will begin: the solar panel integrated into the RV.

Until recently, the solar panels were installed just once that a camper was sold and their application was possible thanks to specific service centers. Furthermore, the typical set of problems was characterized by:

  • over 15 kg per panel;
  • an excessive thickness requiring a large amount of space;
  • the electrical system required for the installation;
  • rigidity and related risk of glass breakage due to uneven roads;
  • risk of damages while piercing the roof during the installation.

Thanks to Enecom and Trigano, the solar panels are now integrated according to the Enecom Inside philosophy.

The Trigano campervans are equipped with the most powerful solar panels of the HF Series:
Flexible Enecom Solar Panel HFs130

Camper Factory that integrate the Enecom Solar Panels

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