In the 21st century, the fields of security and border surveillance need modern and cutting-edge solutions. The final response is provided by ATERMES by integrating vital activities, such as Reconnaissance, Identification, Evaluation and Response into a unique solution: the BARIER™ System.

The BARIER™ System is an automated sentry being able to carry out tasks and missions of border surveillance, day-time and night-time. The innovative features of the BARIER System are based on the logic of “non-stop operation”, now made possible by Enecom portable solar panels. The robot will work in complete energy independence in numerous environments, such as mountain areas, deserts and gullies.

In order to meet this specific need, the photovoltaic system designed by Enecom is integrated into the BARIER System and will power radar, sensors, computers and communication equipment. The result is a reliable and self-sufficient support, being permanently able to monitor and detect every border violation in a range of 40km.


Military Robot BARIER System