SUNFLOWER Project – Solar Tracker

Enecom, in partnership with the Turkish company Pars Makina, has designed a completely passive solar tracker, which imitates the natural behavior of some flowers: to follow the sun by adapting their stem.

The solar chasers, by constantly placing the PV panels in the best position with respect to solar radiation, are able to improve the performances of PV panels up to 40%. Unfortunately, the motorized chasers, besides absorbing part of the energy produced for their functioning, have significant size and costs.

That’s why, by exploiting the fact that some materials have the property to buckle under the impact of thermal radiation, Enecom managed to design a completely passive PV chaser which has several functional and aesthetic advantages.
Some further studies accomplished in collaboration with Pars Makina have highlighted the fact that the best solution (reliable, simple and effective) is the gas. The use of thermal dilation of a gas placed inside some actuators that move the foothold of the modules. The “propeller” of the movement of the chase basis will therefore be the thermal dilation of a gas subject to solar radiation heating.

The prototype, installed by the Turkish partner Pars Makina, appears to be efficient and perfectly functioning.

Solar Tracker Sunflower


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