Flexible Solar Panel Enecom HF40

Flexible Solar Panel Enecom HF40


Tregoo is the official eShop of En-Eco Group. Tregoo solar panels are designed and realized by Enecom.

Linea HF Series: 40 Watt ultra-light solar panel

Peak power Pmax (Wp) 40
Open-circuit voltage. Voc (V) 19,83
Short-circuit current  lsc (A) 2,77
Voltage at max. Vmp (V) 16,48
Current at Pmax. lmp 2,57
Number of cells 32
Size (b x h) (mm) 604 x 546
Thickness (mm) 1,7
Weight (kg) 0,8
Efficiency Mono 17,25%
Terminal ends Cable with universal MC4 plugs
Max System voltage 600 V
Applications  For stand alone systems with accumulators

Technical Specifications HF40

Power Range 40WShape Factor SquarePower Weight 50W/Kg
Ultralight 2kg sqmUltrathin 1,7 mmFlexible 20 d
Patented Polymer PlasticNo GlasWaterproof Certified IP 65
High PerformanceEyelets Available

Data Sheet HF40

pdfData sheet