Flexible Crystalline silicon PV panels HFp20

Technology : mono/poly crystalline Use : Leisure activities



Tregoo is the official eShop of En-Eco Group. Tregoo solar panels are designed and realized by Enecom.

HFp Series: 20 Watt pliable solar panel

It is the series of pliable modules, specifically conceived to be used for leisure activities, with a power of 20Wp and 40Wp. The possibility to half the size of the panel allows the module to be used in extremely reduced spaces and makes it easily portable in bags and backpacks.

Peak power Pmax (Wp) 20
Open-circuit voltage Voc (V) 19,83
Short-circuit current  lsc (A) 1,38
Pmax. Vmp (V) tension 16,48
Current at Pmax, Imp (A) 1,28
Number of cells 32
Size(b x h) (mm) 320 x 280(closed)
Thickness (mm) 1,7
Weight (kg) 0,6
Efficiency Mono 17,25%
Terminal endings Cable with universal plugs
Max system voltage 600 V
Applications Electronic devices charge

Technical Specifications HFp20

Power Range 20WShape Factor RectangularPower Weight 40W/Kg
Ultralight 2kg sqmUltrathin 1,7 mmFlexible 20 d
Patented Polymer PlasticNo GlasWaterproof Certified IP 65
High PerformanceEyelets Available

Data Sheet HFp20

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