Ultralight and Flexible Solar Panels


We are the world's largest producer of ultrathin and ultralight solar panels.

Enecom is a guarantee of reliability and cutting-edge technology.


  • EnerCHEM, the convention on the Chemistry of Renewable Energies
    EnerCHEM, the convention on the Chemistry of Renewable Energies
    Enecom is going to participate in the firstnational conference on the Chemistry of Renewable Energies. EnerCHEM-1 is an event organized by EnerCHEM-SCI, the University of Florence, the University of Siena and CNR-ICCOM; it is going to take place in theAula 101 of the Centro Didattico Morgagni (University […]...
  • Auto Ecologica Drapo'
    Drapo’, the ecologic car that makes use of Enecom solar panels
    October was a month whose key word was sustainable mobility for Enecom. After the collaboration for the implementation of the Archimede Solar Car and after participating in the conference on the Neoroutes, the Business Unit of En-Eco Group took part in the workshop of the automotive platform of Regione […]...
  • Sustainable Motorways
    Towards Sustainable Motorways: video-interview to Mr. Patrizi
    Last 13 October the convention Dalle autostrade alle Neostrade organized by Ecofuturo, Giga and Ecquologia took place by the Museo Piaggio di Pontedera. During the debate, the participants spoke about their innovative projects for the realization of sustainable motorways: routes integrated into the surrounding landscape that make use […]...


Enecom solar panels are the first flexible crystalline modules which appeared on the market. The fact of being glass-free and frame-free makes them ultralight and ultrathin. Their efficiency is almost three times higher than the amorphous silicon flexible panels’ and they are made from a special totally recyclable plastic material. Enecom panels are manufactured in Italy. Enecom production line has an output capacity of 9 MW per year, a high automation level and it can produce more than 10 different types of flexible panels


Enecom Flexible solar panels, thanks to the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certifications, represent the best alternative to the traditional amorphous silicon rigid photovoltaic modules for all the applications that can benefit from rebates and incentives. The company is the sole licensee for the international patent N° 2294626 on the flexible photovoltaic panel product and for the manufacturing process of the product itself.


Enecom developed three lines of products which are able to meet different space and consumption requirements: the standard HF series, going from 20 to 130W is the more used, thanks to the wide range of available energy; the HFs series, including the longer and narrower slim panels, conceived for specific space requirements and finally the HFp series, constituted of flexible panels for leisure activities.


Eshop Tregoo, to buy flexible solar panels - Enecom Inside

It is possible to buy online Enecom solar panels, through the e-shop tregoo.com. Tregoo is the business unit of En-Eco SpA, owner of Enecom Srl, which produces and sells Solar Power Stations and solar panels. Tregoo products are “Enecom inside”, so with the best performance of the market.
For large orders (more than 10 solar panels) you can contact directly Enecom offices.