Ultralight and Flexible Solar Panels


Enecom meets the world of yachting at METS 2014


Energy in the sea is particularly important, because it is associated with the concept of safety. Running out of satellite phone, no GPS, no radar or computers for weather forecasting can be a serious problem when you are in the sea. Enecom solar panels are ideal for yachting […]


Orio Project: the Solar Portable Generator Made in Italy

Gruppo elettrogeno portatile - Orio Project

Solar Portable Generator – Orio Project Enecom is partner of Orio Project. The solar panels are part of the portable photovoltaic generator, designed to provide energy without need of connection to the electrical grid. The solar energy produced is stored in specific batteries during daytime to use […]


Enecom exposes the solar panels for campervans

Camper show

From 13th to 21st of September 2014, Enecom will be present at the 2014 edition of Camper Show at the stand of Euro Accessoires, as commercial partner and the world’s greatest dealer of parts and accessories for campervans, camping and yachting industry, as well as brand of Trigano […]


The waste management is eco-friendly thanks to Enecom PV panels

Schmetterling - Green Energy

Schmetterling – Green Energy The Enecom Inside philosophy reveals itself thanks to the collaboration between Enecom and Schmetterling. Schmetterling is the company of the Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente Group, leader in designing of innovative solutions for advanced treatment of solid waste. Eco Friendly Waste Management The compactors and cutting-edge waste […]


Enecom solar panels for IVECO Vector project

On Monday, 11th November 2013, Enecom presented VECTOR, the eco-friendly vehicle for optimized urban transport as demonstration of the partnership between IVECO and Enecom. Enecom solar panels weigh less than 5 kg/sm and thanks to the electric power of 1 kW they are perfectly able to charge […]


Enecom flexible photovoltaic panels at the Camper Show 2013

Enecom solar panels

From 14 to 22 September 2013 Enecom presented its flexible photovoltaic panels at the Camper Show in Parma, at the stand of Euro Accessoires, the group selected to resell the Enecom products. Enecom photovoltaic panels are ideal for installations on recreational vehicles and caravans thanks to their lightness which […]


Enecom solar panels reached Forte dei Marmi’s beach

Enecom solar panels

Enecom solar panels reached Forte dei Marmi’s beach assuring Internet access also near the sea. The managers of bagno Angelo in Forte dei Marmi, had already provided their nearby coast with Wi-Fi connection to allow their customers to stay connected free of charge as well as providing […]


Trigano chooses Enecom solar panels for its Campervans

Solar panels Enecom

Enecom signes a strategic partnership agreement with Trigano, european leader in design and production of recreational vehicles and caravans. It is an important goal for Enecom because a new Era will begin: the solar panel integrated into the RV. Until recently, the solar panels were installed just […]


Arval: the largest PV system of construction industry in Italy

Impianto PV integrato in progetto architettonico

PV system integrated into an architectonic design Sustainable Energy and design merge to create the Photovoltaic Thunderbolt that is based on the project of architect Massimo Pierattelli and it is composed of photovoltaic panels built into a architectural structure made with glass, steel and cement covered by […]

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