Arval: the largest PV system of construction industry in Italy

PV system integrated into Architectonic Design
PV system integrated into an architectonic design

Sustainable Energy and design merge to create the Photovoltaic Thunderbolt that is based on the project of architect Massimo Pierattelli and it is composed of photovoltaic panels built into a architectural structure made with glass, steel and cement covered by special iridescent paints.


The Photovoltaic Thunderbolt will be integral part of the new headquarter of Arval, the company held by BNP Paribas Group and operating in the field of long term automotive leasing.
The project is a clear example of Enecom panels usage for large architectural works and, thanks to its innovative characteristics, the new Arval headquarter will benefit from the widest photovoltaic surface in the field of construction industry for business in Italy.

Enecom will provide HF 130 modules generating electricity for over 130kW and aiming to meet all project needs in order to make the building self-sufficient and entirely integrated with the surrounding area.

The modules used for this purpose are transparent so that the sky is visible from below. All the photovoltaic system will be realized as well as monitored and maintained by the En-Eco Group over time.

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