Drapo’, the ecologic car that makes use of Enecom solar panels

October was a month whose key word was sustainable mobility for Enecom.
After the collaboration for the implementation of the Archimede Solar Car and after participating in the conference on the Neoroutes, the Business Unit of En-Eco Group took part in the workshop of the automotive platform of Regione Piemonte.

Six research projects were presented, among which the Drapo’ Project: the ecologic car, a TwinAir Fiat Panda, conceived and built by the Fiat Research Centre which makes use of Enecom solar panels for the storage of solar energy.

Drapo’ Project – Photogallery

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The reduction in the consumption and in the CO2 fossil emissions represents the most important challenge for the motor vehicle field in the next 20 years and it represents an opportunity of technological growth both at national and international level, which can be exploited only by winning the competition on the field of distinctive and sustainable technological innovation. (source: drapo.it)

The recovering of kinetic energy, the reduction of running resistance, the high-resistant electric actuators are only some of the features that make the TwinAir Fiat Panda not only a motor car, but the prototype of an innovative and eco-sustainable model.

So much (Solar) Energy in a reduced Space

The Drapo’ Project, having the aggravating issue of a well-defined space (the roof of Fiat Panda) and the need to reduce the weight of the motor vehicle as much as possible, opted for a PV Enecom panel, with high-efficiency SunPower® cells.
The solar panel used by the CRF can supply up to 200 Wp in just a square meter.

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