Ultralight and Flexible Solar Panels

Sintech Sun

Sintech Sun is the innovative modular PV system, created by Roof Planet in collaboration with Enecom, which allows a perfect integration of the PV element in the Sintech Sun 530 coverage, by totally eliminating the use of brackets and external fasteners, which are subject to wear and deterioration.
The system, thanks to the use of Enecom modules can be installed on both linear and curved surfaces, and it can have manifold applications on all the metals included in the Sintech Sun 530 system(natural and precoated aluminium, precoated zinc steel, stainless steel, copper and aluzink).
Sintech Sun perfectly integrates with the roof coverage by combining the building protection and waterproof function to the production of renewable energy. Lightweight, high performance and glass-free are the main characteristics of the photovoltaic tile system.

Sintech Sun is an IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certified PV system.