Ultralight Solar Panel Enecom HF80

Ultralight Solar Panel Enecom HF80




Tregoo is the official eShop of En-Eco Group. Tregoo solar panels are designed and realized by Enecom.

HF Series: 80 Watt ultra-light solar panel

It is the standard series of Enecom modules. The power range of the HF line goes from 20Wp to 130Wp. This line, thanks to its wide range of powers and sizes, is used for manifold applications which make it the most widespread and used line.

Peak power Pmax (Wp) 80
Open-circuit voltage. Voc (V) 19,93
Short-circuit current  lsc (A) 5,54
Voltage at Pmax. Vmp (V) 16,48
Current at Pmax. Lmp 5,15
Number of cells 32
Size (b x h) (mm) 1204 x 546
Thickness (mm) 1,7
Weight (kg) 1,3
Efficiency Mono 17,25%
Terminal ends Cable with universal MC4 plugs
Max system voltage 600 V
Applications  For stand alone systems with accumulator

Technical Specifications HF80

Power Range 80WShape Factor RectangularPower Weight 62W/Kg
Ultralight 2kg sqmUltrathin 1,7 mmFlexible 20 d
Patented Polymer PlasticNo GlasWaterproof Certified IP 65
High PerformanceEyelets Available

Data Sheet HF80

pdfData Sheet