What we are, What we can do

The Company

Enecom is a Company specialized in the production of the first light, thin and fully recyclable photovoltaic crystalline panel.

United by the same belief that a sustainable and innovative economy is an achievable goal, Enecom and En-eco collaborate to develop together different projects of research and trial.

Production Line

Enecom production line has an annual production capacity of  15 MW .

Enecom highly-automated line can produce more than 10 different kinds of flexible solar panels. Two anthropomorphic robots are dedicated to the automatic handling of strings and panels.

Enecom ensures the highest standards of quality checks thanks to automatic control stations for strings, through the electroluminescence technology and final checks with solar flash test mock. Every single string is tested before being included into the panel and each panel is tested before being delivered.

Each panel is identified by its own serial number. The flash test report is generated and stored for each serial number.


Enecom solar panels are the first flexible crystalline modules which appeared on the market.

The fact of being glass-free and frame-free makes them ultralight (2 kg/sqm) and ultrathin (1,7 mm thick). Their efficiency is almost three times higher than the amorphous silicon flexible panels’ and they are made from a special totally recyclable plastic material.

Out flexible photovoltaic panels technology is the most advanced and reliable of the market.

Solar Panels Storage and Batteries

Enecom, in collaboration with the leading industries, is able to offer you the best solutions for the storage of energy produced by PV panels.

All storage solution is specifically selected and tested in order to provide the utmost efficiency and reliability.

For any further detail, please contact our Sales Dept.


Enecom group works in partner with leading Italian Research Centers in order to produce high technology Solar Panels.

CREAR – Interdepartmental Research Center for Renewable and Alternative Energies, Florence University
CRIACIV – Interuniversity Research Center of Aerodynamics of Wind Engineering and Construction, Veneto region
DESTEC – Department of Energy Engineering, Systems, Land and Construction – Pisa University
CNR-ICCOM – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Chimica dei Composti OrganoMetallici

Out flexible photovoltaic panels technology is the most advanced and reliable of the market.